What is a computer virus or trojan?

Computer Virus
Computer viruses are pieces of software that are specifically designed to spread from one computer to another to maliciously disrupt the computers operation. A virus will try to corrupt other computers via your email or instant messaging programs, but are mostly obtained from the internet as downloads. This is why you should never open email attachments from unknown sources as the majority of the time this a virus (or some other malicious software). Viruses are usually disguised as zip files, video files or images to encourage a user to open the file (also known as Trojans

What is a trojan virus?

Trojan Viruses or trojan horses are malicious software that appear to. act as normal software but perform actions that have not been permitted by the computer user, this can be the deletion of data, encrypting files, copying file or degrading computer performance. Trojans are not the same as viruses as a trojan is not self replicating. The most common Trojans install backdoors or rootkits.

Backdoor allow malicious users to gain access around the computer security allowing them to remotely control the infected computer. most backdoors are then used for criminal purposes later as all traces of criminal activity will point to your computer and not the author of the trojan.

Rootkits are designed to hide the activities that are being run on your computer. their main purpose is to conceal malicious programs to prevent them from being detected which allows an infected computer to be undetected for extended periods.

What is spyware?

In short spyware is spying software, but this is not used to spy on others, this is used to spy on yourself. Spyware secretly records the activities on you computer, the most serious capturing usernames, passwords and bank details before sending them to the fraudsters over the internet. Spyware is not only for capturing card details as lots of spyware is used to capture marketing information and user behaviour

What is scareware

Scareware is a term used when describing software that tried to scare the users into paying for a program. the most common examples of scareware is when a fake virus scanner claims to have found hundred of viruses or threats which dont really exist (apart from the one displaying the information in the first place). Most Scareware is served via a Trojan and installed along side freeware.

What is ransomware

One of the most resent malicious software to appear. Ransomware is a trojan that then encrypts all your files then requests a fee for the password to decrypt. This is becoming the most destructive as modern encryption techniques are near on uncrackable due to the length and complexity of the required password.

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