FIXED : There was a problem starting NVCPL.DLL Windows 7

NVCPL.DLL  error. Once again more RunDLL errors, this time the effected DLL is NVCPL.DLL this DLL is not a main windows system file so you can relax there is no need to go hunting out those windows disks.

NVCPL.dll error


First we need to know what has happened to the file and why we are getting this error. This error was produced because windows could not find the following file “NVCPL.DLL”, this can be caused by a file being renamed or that the file has been deleted.

The most comon reasons for the file to be missing is due to a virus corrupting the file or Antivirus software removing this file as a suspicious file.

If you are like me my Antivirus decided it no longer liked this file and automatically deleted it.

What is NVCPL.DLL?

NVCPL.DLL is one of the main DLL files for the Nvidia Control Panel Display Properties Extensions applet and is considered a safe background proccess, this is usually launched when windows starts (unless set otherwise). The reason for the NVCPL.DLL  to be missing in the first place was due to my Antivirus removeing this file as a suspected virus, this resulted in the additional tabs in the “Display Properties” were not showing as they should.

How to Fix the NVCPL.DLL error

To fix the RunDLL error there is a need to replace the .DLL file, Warning: Do not try and download NVCPL.DLL stright from a website. This file will most probably not be genuine and could contain viruses. My advice is to go to Nvidia’s website and download the latest graphics card drivers and reinstall them. this will replace the NVCPL.DLL file that is missing and also keep you computer up to date.

For the latest graghics drivers a link to Nvidia’s website can be found here: Click here to download Nvidia Graphics Drivers


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