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Remove about:blank Home Page from Internet Explorer

About:Blank Internet Explorer Screenshot

A screenshot of the About:Blank hompage in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer offers three forms of home page, about:blank, custom or default. About:blank displays a blank white screen or no homepage, this is the most basic option available. Custom home pages are the most useful as this will load your favourite webpage on start up or any time you click the “Home” icon. Finally the default option is points to Microsoft’s own You can choose any option you want but many people advise setting your home page to a search engine such as Google.

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What is a computer virus or trojan?

Computer Virus
Computer viruses are pieces of software that are specifically designed to spread from one computer to another to maliciously disrupt the computers operation. A virus will try to corrupt other computers via your email or instant messaging programs, but are mostly obtained from the internet as downloads. This is why you should never open email attachments from unknown sources as the majority of the time this a virus (or some other malicious software). Viruses are usually disguised as zip files, video files or images to encourage a user to open the file (also known as Trojans

What is a trojan virus?

Trojan Viruses or trojan horses are malicious software that appear to. Click to read more >>>

Fixing a computer that will not switch on

So it has happened… Your day has gone from bad to worse because your computer will not start. There is nothing more frustrating than a computer not switching on. So what can you do?

Firstly stay calm as kicking your PC across the room will only make things worse (even though it will cure the frustration for a second or two).

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Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

The dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) that you have all seen since you have been competent enough to type. The BSOD is windows’ way of protecting itself and the components within the computer. This blue screen is windows being forced to “stop” when a serious error has occurred. Since there is no friendly errors on screen to help diagnose the issue this is where the headaches usually start.

Blue Screen of Death

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Diagnosing a Blue Screen of Death

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