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FIXED : There was a problem starting NVCPL.DLL Windows 7

NVCPL.DLL  error. Once again more RunDLL errors, this time the effected DLL is NVCPL.DLL this DLL is not a main windows system file so you can relax there is no need to go hunting out those windows disks.

NVCPL.dll error


First we need to know what has happened to the file and why we are getting this error. This error was produced because windows could not find the following file “NVCPL.DLL”, this can be caused by a file being renamed or that the file has been deleted. Click to read more >>>

WMI : Event 10 – Error 0x80041003.

Windows Management Instruction errors are the bain of my existance, several times a day I come across WMI errors in the office but now to top it off I come home to a nice relaxing night and am confronted with a slower loading machine.

Upon investigating the EventViewer (which can be access by typing eventvwr in the run bar) sit a red error and just look what appears next to it in the source….. WMI!

Screen Shot of WMI EventID 10

Screen Shot of WMI EventID 10

When exploring further in the general tab I am given the followin message: Click to read more >>>