Fixing a computer that will not switch on

So it has happened… Your day has gone from bad to worse because your computer will not start. There is nothing more frustrating than a computer not switching on. So what can you do?

Firstly stay calm as kicking your PC across the room will only make things worse (even though it will cure the frustration for a second or two).

Performing a few simple checks can quickly get you on the way to getting the PC fixed.

Computer will not start | What to check?

Is the PC getting power?

One of the most common causes of a PC not starting and in fact the easiest to check and fix. When you have pressed the power button do you see any lights come on? Can you hear or feel any fans spinning? If not then it looks like you are having power issues. If this is the case check that all cables are pushed in firmly and that they are plugged into the wall socket and switched on, additionally check the fuse and try another power cable. By now you are probably thinking “what a divvy” and will walk away slightly embarrassed but believe me this is the most over looked cure.

So now that we know the PC is getting a good power source, either because the PC is showing signs of life or because we have checked all the power cables and know these are working. If the PC is showing no signs of life then unfortunately you are in need of a new power supply for your PC.

So the PC is showing signs of life but will not POST?

When the PC will not POST (will not display anything on the screen) we need to check if the monitor is working. To do this we need to remove the display cable from the back of the monitor. If the monitor is switched on at this point the monitor should show something on the screen, this usually consists of brand names or coloured stripes on the monitor, this proves that the monitor is working. If nothing is displayed then it looks like it is time for a new monitor.

Now we know that the monitor is working but the PC is not then this is unfortunately a hardware fault consisting of ether RAM, Graphics Card or Mother Board.

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